The Electronic Components accessory kit comes with electric motor housings, junction boxes, heatsinks, lights, cable routing hardware to quickly add human scaled elements to your military, industrial, and science fiction concept designs and environments.  Designed for rapid prototyping of science fiction vehicles, personnel carriers, tanks, mechs, etc. Designed with 3D concept art, keyframe, and illustration workflows in mind, this collection frees you up to focus on high-level design and creativity while empowering you to quickly detail your creations giving them a greater sense of scale and believability.

  • Designed for 3D Concept Art Workflows
  • Mid-density Poly Count for a Balance Between Quality Renders and Low Workload
  • OBJ and FBX file formats
  • No UVs
  • Non-Optimized Geometry Created from CAD
  • Smoothing Groups Assigned by Hand

Includes two types of reactive armor, two sizes of armor plating, four circular mounting brackets for armaments and countermeasures, and two covers.

Polycount: 38,940 triangles

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